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Joe Swaydyn's work: What's left from the storm

Let Us Attend was recently removed from Angelfire because of a controversial essay and, fool I was, I didn't backup my files (let this be a lesson to all).  So I am starting from scratch.

Well, almost.

This used to be old debate page.  Now, with a couple of files and a bit of work, I plan to rebuild this page to where it used to be.  Pray for me in this task.  There is a lot of heresy out there.  Turns out there are also a couple of my essays on the Delphi Forum; I will transfer them here soon.

East and West and the Sea of Lies Between.  The first of three planned essays on the destruction of the Orthodox Church in the West, and attempts at restoring that loss in recent years;  This essay deals with the fall of the Roman Empire in the West.

A Dialogue with Dave Armstrong on (now CIN's) Apologetics/Ecumenism Forum.  On various topics, including the traditional view on contraception.

Visit my Orthodox Apologetics Forum on Delphi.  To participate, you have to sign up with Delphi Forums.  It's free, and allows you full access to all the Delphi Forums.  Sign up and join the conversation.


The Orthodox Christian Information Center. One of the most comprehensive sites available today for information on the Orthodox Faith.

THE ROMANS WebSite. Contains the works of Metropolitan Hierotheos Vlachos and Father John Romanides, among others.  One of the only sites dealing with the true history of the Church, and the Medieval West.

St. John Cathedral: Orthodoxy and Heterodoxy. Fast answers to heretical groups' claims to be the true Church.

Orthodox Christian Missionary Booklets. Detailed answers to defend and spread your faith, courtesy of Bishop Alexander of the Russian Church Abroad.

Orchid Land Publications. Professor Afanasy Bailey's detailed site has a number of publications demonstrating the philosophical inconsistencies of the Western Churches and demonstrating the logical consistency of Orthodoxy.

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